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Color Scheme Of L'oreal's Commercial Add

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L’Oreal’s ad only shows three colors in the page that is black, white, and lavender. The color scheme in any commercial ad is very important since the two contrasting colors will help make products stand out and appear more unique and enticing to consumers. The lavender color L’Oreal chose represents a sense of femininity and indicates that the ad is focused and targeted only towards women. The lavender symbolizes a woman’s femininity and royalty. On a black and white background, the lavender will be the only splash of color that will capture the consumers’ eye. The color scheme of the ad seems to be saying that women are graceful, and royal so they should be using L’Oreal Paris’s Boost It hairspray. The hairspray will transform any woman into a woman of grace and royalty. Being in touch with a woman’s feminism and being seen as royalty can relate back to the childhood fairytale stories where the princess finds her prince charming, marries, and becomes royalty. The color black represents boldness and power L’Oreal’s hairspray contains. It is basically saying that L’Oreal’s Boost It hairspray will give anyone a bold and powerful look. Feelings of being bold and strong, gives confidence and helps women feel better about themselves. The spray is strong enough to give any woman’s hair that strong boost that will last for 24 hours.
The words and phrases on an ad really helps tie the ad all together and complete what the company wants the consumers to see. When humor is added in an advertisement, it helps get the consumers in a good mood and view the product in a good light. L’Oreal uses play on words of what the product they are introducing and what it does for the consumer. In a large lavender font, consumers can see “How high will you go?” at the beneath the model. The phrase “How high will you go?” refers to how big, the consumer wants their hair to be and the models volumized hair. L’Oreal jokes on the how big one’s hair can get from the use of the “Boost It” hairspray, and the question, “how high will you go?”...

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