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Colorado Newspaper Evaluation Of Federal Vs. State Government

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Within a five week's collection of Boulder County's, Daily Camera, three different levels of government were addressed. Each of these different levels focused on various policies to protect or enhance the well-being of the citizens within its jurisdiction. The policies mentioned within the five weeks can be viewed on many different analytical points: the constitutional relationship, the relationship to the definition of federalism and government structures, and media relationships with the government.Each finding within the paper of policies in different stages of development, show the constitution bends and adapts to the times and is constantly tested and revised. An apparent example of ...view middle of the document...

S. citizens very closely) was called into question on September 21st as a violation of privacy rights. Prior to that article, on September 1st, readers became aware that the Muslim-American community is fearing their religious freedom given by the constitution as the War on Terror escalates and the Muslim community takes on new prejudices, stereotypes, and further persecution by the government attempting to fish out terrorists. Luckily, one important factor during many unconstitutional acts, lies in the citizens. Through petitioning and lobbying, we are able to voice our opinion about situations which we feel threaten our civil and human liberties. For example, In Puerto Rico, U.S. Navy bombing is threatening the citizens. The locals went to their officials, who, in return went to state officials, who took the matter to the federal government. This process has made mere citizens a strong voice to protect their human rights under the constitution in front of the national level of government. The constitution is called upon in protection and is also brought under question several times, even within a miniscule five week span. Thus, the constitution adapts for modern civilization and cultures.Another key factor in analyzing the articles: how is federalism defined today. Though, just browsing through the articles, it seems federalism is chaotic and crass, through deeper analysis, the reader can distinguish the different branches operating through each other. For example, when Florida's ballot system was considered too old for current voting methods, the national government decided to aid the nation by paying for the modernization of new voting technology. An instance where a state...

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