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Colordo State University Personal Statement Essay

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There’s a particular blue corduroy jacket stitched with gold in my closet that is responsible for the adventures and defeated hardships that shaped me into the person I am today. This jacket was worn numerous times the last couple years of high school and created countless memories. It was worn throughout times of fear, disappointment, inspiration and pride. If the blue corduroy and gold stitching doesn’t give it away, then maybe the large cross section of the ear of corn with an eagle on top will ring a bell. Agricultural education and FFA should be the words coming to mind. My FFA jacket was one of the first symbols of hope I obtained and “I believe” are words installed in a sequence I will never forget.
This journey called life hasn’t been easy since I was nine years old. It started when my family was cut in two by a knife with the word “divorce” etched in the blade. As I grew further into my teenage years, I began to understand the repercussions of having an alcoholic parent- in this case my father. My younger brother and I endured a vicious cycle of weekend trade-offs between homes constantly. When I turned 16 I hesitantly exited that cycle, not wanting to leave my brother behind but knowing it was necessary for me to start creating my own path. I bounced between many houses throughout my junior year including grandma’s, mom’s, my best friend’s and occasionally dad’s. Mom’s house was really the only one I felt I could call home. Through this, I still regularly attended school and my grades were above average.
I joined FFA my junior year, by persuasion of my best friend, and things really started to look up. From being a greenhand to running for an officer within the first year, I was finally coming out of my shell. Getting involved in the agricultural department kept me busy, along with a couple...

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