Colored In A White Supremacy Environment

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The Jim Crow era was devastating and very oppressive to colored people. Most of the colored people were powerless, poverty stricken and discriminated against although the 13th Amendment abolished slavery. White Supremacist considered themselves superior to colored people. They classified colored people as second class, reminding them about where they stood in the Jim Crow era.
Colored people have come a long ways through the Jim Crow era of 1876-1965. During reconstruction white supremacy formed political and social groups to promote whites to oppress colored people. After examining 10 visual graphics from the Library of Congress website it painted a clear picture of racial discrimination ...view middle of the document...

After carefully examining the picture of the lunch room it appears to have a little room just off to the left of the Lunch room. Do you suspect that the colored people can eat at the Lunch room without racial discrimination from some of the white people? The ramp is for the white and colored people to enter the lunch room to eat. The sign posted on the lunch room is in bold letters. Why is the sign indicating a message to the colored ‘Em’ referring to ‘Em as colored people? I assume that the lady standing in front of the lunch room is directing the colored people to the left side of the lunch room to the adjunct building that extend just at the edge of the main building. There is a black cloth over the door for colored to eat and a white cloth over the window for the whites to eat. I think that the participle sign for white and colored almost make a little difference in discrimination. I hope that the the Choke ‘Em Down sign on the Lunch room is not gear toward colored people...

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