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Colorism: The New Wave Of Prejudice

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Being in the minority will soon be an outdated term. In the oncoming years, there will be no primary race that leads in census reports (Cooper). As the racial makeup of the United States increases, the idea of a post-racial society is discussed heavily. While racism subsiding is a possibility, another form of prejudice will take its place. An alternate form of prejudice pertaining to race is colorism.
Colorism can pertain to any race because it involves passing judgment based on skin bias. Despite its prevalence among other races (Latino, Asian, and etc.), the study of colorism primarily focuses on African Americans. As a result, the diversity in the research provided was limited. Therefore, the missing information required the implementation of subtopics that pertain to colorism and prejudice.
The limited selection provided a narrower angle than desired for the needed research. Some of the academic journals were excerpts from books that provided a link for purchasing, which was not what beneficial. Therefore, from the excerpts read and searched terms that consistently appeared like “taboo”, “interracial”, “mass media”, “racism”, and “post-racial”. This topic truly did prove to be almost untouched, because it was a process of trial and error to locate any results pertaining to directly to the thesis. The subtopic searches provided extraordinary articles that provided for more diversity on the topic of colorism.
A reoccurring subtopic of colorism is interracial marriages. The history of interracial marriages and colorism coincide when discussing it amongst the African American community. In the African American community, colorism goes back to the era of slavery.A beneficial article pertained to interracial relationships and their taboo nature during slavery in the 1700s. This may seem off topic to the reading audience, but in order to understand colorism or racism it is imperative to know it spawned from another controversial topic, slavery. Slave masters and traders would often have affairs with the slaves much like the one described in the first article, “Michigan researchers study letters of slave-trading family: papers revisit long-standing taboo of mixed-race affairs”. This 2003 article reports researchers located a collection of 10,000 letters written by a family of slave traders, and that this is a topic of study at the University of Michigan. The letters described a loving relationship Scottish slave trader John Tailyour had with a black Jamaican woman. It also reports he fathered several children with the woman.
The relationship itself was not only taboo, it is also odd that Tailyour documented his interracial relationship. The researcher emphasized this point stating, “The Tailyour papers are fascinating because it was taboo to talk about the coexistence of multiple families of different races and even less common to record their existence on paper, Dr. John Dann said” (noteworthy news). What makes the letters even more...

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