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Many people may think that Brutus is a power-hungry madman because of him being a part of the conspiracy, as well as the murder of Julius Ceasar. William Shakespeare, on the other hand, had a different portrayal of Marcus Junius Brutus.
In the play Brutus is portrayed as this man, very popular in Rome, that in the first one-third of the play has a very important decision to make. This decision is whether or not he wants to be a part of the killing of Julius Ceasar. Along with that major issue, there are many other personal issues that he faces throughout the play, which are fueled by the main decision of whether or not he wants to be a part of the murder of Caesar.
Shakespeare shows Brutus extreme amounts pity throughout the play, concerning the issue of being a part of the assassination of Caesar. He almost makes it appear that Cassius is bullying Brutus into it, but Brutus himself makes the final decision on his own is made obvious in the famous Garden Scene of the play. This is when Brutus refers to Julius as a “serpent's egg”. This translates into saying that Caesar truly doesn’t understand what he is capable of, and needs to be stopped before he is given the power that he needs to realize it. Brutus then realized that in order for Rome to be safe, Caesar had to be assassinated.
In real life Brutus was kind of a weirdo to say the least. He was seen by many people to be bipolar, and having serious anger issues. If he were to live in today’s current society, there is a very large possibility that he would’ve been diagnosed with some variation of a mental disability. The real life Brutus is much more hostile, as well as purely evil rather than the Shakespeare's version of him.
Brutus had a rough upbringing from his childhood, without a father, and raised by his uncle. This could have to do with some of the psychological issues that are seen by him in history, such as his severe anger issues, as well as his bipolar tendencies. There are also many historical researchers that think that even Caesar could possible be his father, but that is just a thought by some historians. No matter what the possibilities are, being raised without a father would be very difficult for a boy, or any child. This does not defend anything that brutus was a part of, but maybe somewhat of an explanation.
Information on the real life Brutus made it seem that he was not nearly as pursued into being a part of the conspiracy, as well as the killing of Julius Caesar. History state that prior to all of the situations with the conspirators, Brutus and Caesar were in a prior issue. This was in concern of The Battle of Pharsalus. Caesar sent soldiers to see Brutus who was the reason that this battle had become between Caesar’s troops, as well as Brutus’s. Caesar’s...

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