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The mission statement of Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation (CHRC) provides direction, passion, and value for the organization. CHRC is a historic organization with a 52-year history of providing affordable housing services. The mission statement expands upon the rich history of the organization. CHRC’s mission involves providing outstanding affordable housing and redevelopment services for its residents and the community. Therefore, the mission statement must have internal and external value for the organization. The renewed perception of the organization within the community proves that the mission statement maintains validity. Through the effective efforts to re-create the image and vision of the organization, CHRC experiences success in the community. The strategic plan identified action items for CHRC to achieve positive press by highlighting special awards the agency received for providing outstanding services. One of the most beneficial rewards for developing a strong mission involves increased resident satisfaction, respect from the community, and support from community leaders. The value of the mission statement is revealed through various levels of improvement throughout the organization.

The CHRC board, management, and employees believe in the mission of the organization. The mission statement drives the management and operations of the organization. All of the internal stakeholders have a stake in making the mission become a reality. It is important to recognize that management solicited input from the board and employees regarding CHRC’s mission statement. Therefore, it was easier to get employee support for the mission statement because the employees understand the importance of the vision and had input in developing the statement. The employees provide the necessary energy and intellect to accomplish the objectives identified in the mission statement. CHRC employees actually seem engaged, excited, and involved with accomplishing the organizational mission. During the past three years, the level of employee buy-in has greatly increased within the organization. The employee’s support of the CHRC mission is revealed through improvements in resident satisfaction, maintenance improvements, and higher rent collections (CHA, 2009).

CHRC has established goals and objectives to help the organization improve its performance. The three main goals for CHRC involve becoming the choice provider of affordable housing, improve financial performance, and advance redevelopment activities (Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation, 2011). These goals and objectives reveal specific areas of improvement within the organization. Also, the executive director promotes accountability by making key employees responsible for ensuring the goals and objectives are met each month. This level of accountability creates consistency within the organization for achieving results.

First, CHRC wants to become the choice...

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