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Columbian Exchange Movie Review History Essay

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Columbian Exchange
The “Old World”, a term that is used to refer to Europe, Asia, and Africa, before it was in contact with the “New World”. The New World is a term that is used for the landmass that was “discovered” in 1492 called America. When these two Worlds came in contact for the first time, many things changed for both of them. Staring with the system and philosophy that was introduced, to the animals and crops that were shipped. This “discovery” done by Christopher Columbus set off a system of exchanges that are still affecting America today.
One of the things that made the economy expand in the New World was the new plantation system that was used. Enslaved Africans were brought from the Old World for the use of their labor. When they arrived in the New World, they were put to work in the sugar plantations. The Sugar Plantations were used as a system of agriculture where slaves would do the labor of planting, growing and harvesting sugar cane in order to be used for sells and exchanges. This new type of system was based on planting a large ratio of crops and having a lot of labor force.
Another idea that was brought into the New World was the philosophy of the Irish. This philosophy was based on how the government was no good if they did not help people such as the widow and the poor. Society started to demand different things from their government, they wanted to see the government actually helping and not being thrown out to waste.
One of the major point that reshaped the history of America was the bringing of horses. Indians began to master their lands with horses and made it easier for them to kill buffalos. Bringing a surplus to...

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