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Everyday there are accidents and the numbers of people who survive are little. Some of them die, and the others who have a chance to get to the hospital don't end well most of the times. A coma is an example of what can happen and it is a is a profound state of unconsciousness where the patient doesn't respond to stimulus or talking. A coma can be caused by "trauma, bleeding, swelling affecting the brain. Inadequate oxygen or blood sugar and various poisons can also directly injure the brain to cause coma." Coma may come with many dilemmas such as the emotional dilemma, the economical, and in cases even the decision of disconnecting someone. Life always presents difficult situations and decisions in life and people have to face them, coma being one, and it has to be faced and if the time comes to let go.After time in a coma people can change into a permanent vegetative state where they are connected to machines to live. In this kinds of things the decision of the disconection is important because even tough the patient hasn't die because his heart is still beating, is in other matters death. Organ donation can be a alternative for this people to think of, because while the patient is "death" but still living just by machines there are many lifes that can be saved with his organs.Coma may also bring along a lot of emotions and after time it becomes an emotional burden. People eventually unconsciously become tired emotionally of having someone in a coma and this is because problems like this start to weaken the ones around little by little. Families are never ready to let go someone they love but it hurts most to loose someone they have close like having them in a coma, is like having them but not at the same time and when someone dies the family suffers but eventually they pass through a time of duel where they grief the one that is gone. When a coma happens people don't go to that grief because the one in a coma isn`t dead but neither is he alive therefore emotions start getting the best of them. An example is the one of Terri Schiavo. "She was an unfortunate young woman who suffered a cardiac arrest many years ago with subsequent brain damage from lack of oxygen. She had been in a persistent vegetative state since then, and was maintained on tube feedings. We heard about the disagreements between her family and her husband as to what Terri would want in this situation. Unfortunately, her whole family has been torn apart by the conflict surrounding her husband's decision, backed by the courts, to discontinue her tube feedings." This situation shows how a family can be torn apart in situation like this and how emotions are affected.There are many times when people choose to sign a DNR order where coma or a vegetative state may be a possible result. A DNR is an order sign by the patient that means "Do Not Resuscitate" where the patient asks not to be resuscitated if the circunstances are presented, in general it asks not to use any kind of...

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