Comair Information Systems And Technology Essay

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COMAIR is an airline based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It flies to 113 destinations as well as Canada and the Bahamas. The airline is now a subsidiary of Delta Air but initially it was an independent airline. COMAIR is known for its profitability, on time flights and in case of cancellation then beforehand notice of this. In December 2004, there was a failure in the critical legacy system which caused the airline a major public relations problem. There was a problem with the airline’s system which resulted in all flights being cancelled. All the passengers who were flying out for the vacations were stuck at the airport.INFORMATION SYSTEMSManagement Information Systems (MIS) are a set in computers which have been integrated to help the organization operate efficiently and effectively. With the help of these systems the employees can perform their daily tasks quickly. They can process any information easily with any time lag.MIS can provide an organization with many advantages; they help in strategy support and data processing. The machine or computer can not make and decide the strategies for the company but they can help implement them. The Information Systems help analyze the information and choose the appropriate decision which will help in solving the problem. Another function that this system performs is that it takes a lot of data and presents it in the form of tables and charts which makes it easier for the reader to comprehend the information. They also cater to ‘what if’ questions, which relate to different scenarios. This makes it easier for the organization to be ready for any unexpected situation.Data processing is fast and easy with the help of a MIS system. There is no file work that needs to be gone through. The system will easily go through all the information that it has stored and find the relevant information, in the matter of seconds and present it to the respective person.The information system at COMAIR needed to be changed, especially after the review of the external factors. This situation existed till the terrorist attack of 9/11. This attack reduced the profits and changed the whole airline industry scenario. There was not enough money to spend on a system which would cater to the needs of the airline.When the airline wanted to implement a new software system, it faced internal problems such as an acquisition, financial problems, and its pilots would go on strike. Before a new system could be implemented, their entire system crashed which resulted in all flights being cancelled. The problem was that there were too many software logged schedule changes; the system had an overload and it all shutdowns.Information systems are an important part of every organization in today’s time. The airline knew that they needed to change their software but their implementation strategy was not strong enough and they could not get the new system on line before the old system caused damage and loss in profits.If COMAIR decides...

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