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If we were suppose to say where our moral values came from, some would say parents, reason, emotion, and religion. So if we were to only use reason as our sole basis would our morals still be the same? Using reason does sound reasonable but our morals should be determined by a combination of many like emotions and ethics to contribute to our morals instead of only reason.
When 50 people are asked if they were a doctor and had a magical pill that could save this patient's life or a doctor, a friend, that also needs it to live who would one give it too? The results was close with the patient getting the pill an additional six more times than the doctor. After this question, one was to suppose that the patient is a family member so now the family member now got the pill four times as much as the doctor. Next, one was told that the doctor will be the one to cure cancer. Now for the first time the doctor was the one to receive the pill 60% more. The last question was to assume that one family member runs a big charity where many depend on it to live. The results did not change much from the third question with the doctor still receiving it 60% of the time (See Appendix). After this first question it seems that duty was more of the deciding factor but when it got personal many had to fulfill that desire. The next question seemed to decide the rest as it got to reason or emotional desire. More people seemed to want the most good and to help the most amount individuals; however, some had the stirring impulse to go with their family because they are important to everyone. This shows that many use reason to impact their choice but it is not the only one.
While many care about their family, some use them for personal gain. Shown on CYN Central. Karl Karlsen was charged with second degree murder and insurance fraud from killing his son to claim the insurance money. For what reasons did he need to kill his son? If we look at it from his perspective, he could have been struggling in tough times and could not sustain his family or had a huge debt to repay; however, it was also reported that first wife has died "accidently" in a house fire where Karlsen also claimed a large life insurance soon after, but now he is taken into the law. Now how about if he was insane? If he was to be insane, why would he claim the insurance money rather than killing them for no motive what so ever. So if we were in his position and desperately need the money could we actually pull the trigger on someone that we hold dear and close or someone that we brought in to this world even though it is reasonable? This is why reason cannot solely justify our morals because there is too many factors that are involved.
Morals is not completely black or white, there is no complete answer for right or wrong as one person might think differently from someone else. There is a gray area in morality which we need to consider that is very vague at times; therefore, there are laws to help us as...

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