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Combining Management And Leadership To Maximize Employee Productivity

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In this competitive market, companies are always trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. To achieve a competitive advantage, companies must maximize employee productivity by creating a motivating culture that pushes employees to go above and beyond in all aspects of their work. This motivational culture will not only focus on the work employees are doing, but the level of effort they put into that work.
The effort put into work is first established by the roots of an organization, its culture. A culture of disciplined people, thought, and action will bring prosperity. Successful managers are tough, yet fair, on those around them, which trickles down the company pyramid ...view middle of the document...

He led by example by treating his employees with respect. Malone widened the scope of job requirements by raising expectations on quality and encouraging new and creative solutions. Malone then publicly rewarded those employees who went above and beyond their expectations, inspiring others to do the same.
Rewarding employees should be both extrinsic and intrinsic. An example of this would be an extra bonus for improving the methods of operation, giving paid time off to volunteer in developing country or employee recognition in a meeting.
Rewards like recognition are part of the motivating factors of Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory. The theory states that motivation is achieved through motivating factors that “use employees well” through positive achievement, recognition, the work itself, responsibility, and advancement and growth. The other factor is the hygiene factor that focuses on “treating employees well” through sufficient pay and security, working conditions, interpersonal relationships, company policy, and supervisors.
Supervisors should utilize the planning, organizing, and control framework in their goal setting, job design, and performance measurement. Action should always be taken...

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