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Combining Schools Essay

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Population in cities plays a massive role in how the city is built and maintained. When a city has a large population, everything tends to grow. The buildings multiply, the houses sprout up all over; the churches, police stations, fire stations all expand to fuel the large demand the city puts out. Cities usually tend to have several schools to supply all the kids a proper education; the larger the city, the more schools. But what happens when a city is small? When a city is smaller in population, the buildings are fewer; the city has fewer houses and all the other necessary corporations and building that make up a city grow slimmer. The city has fewer schools because there are fewer children. Crawfordsville Indiana is a relatively small city with 15,000 people and 1,800 high school students. Crawfordsville has three high schools that cost a ton of money to run. Combing all three schools into one would save the city a lot of money and overall be the best decision.
The city of Crawfordsville is wasting a lot of money for three schools. Crawfordsville is in, Montgomery County, which houses Southmont High school, North Montgomery High school, and Crawfordsville High school. Southmont has 500 students; North Montgomery has 500 students; Crawfordsville has about 800 students. This is a small amount of kids for three high schools and having three schools means a lot of bus drivers that need paid. The bus routes for the drivers are rather short and occupy few children, leaving the buses half empty. If the schools were combined it would cut out these small bus routes. This would make for larger routes for the remaining drivers, but the city would have to pay fewer drivers.
The city has spent money on buildings for the three school; these buildings are multi-million dollar buildings. The central school is the largest of all the buildings and can occupy all of the students that make up the three schools. This would make for larger class room sizes and the schools could combine some of the teachers. Running three large high school buildings cannot be cheap. Each building requires heat, air, water, electricity, Wi-Fi, and tons of other essentials to run the buildings properly. The schools have to purchase sports team wear, desks, food, fund events, pay staff, and pay for daily maintenance.
If the schools were combined there would be a single sport team for every sport in Crawfordsville instead of there being three sports team for each individual sport. Adding all of these students into one school would create larger sport teams and giving the coaches more options on players. All of the good players would be combined to one set team, raising the teams overall skill level. This would result in the school...

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