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Comcast, Google, And The Control Of American Media

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Are you aware that six corporations control 90% of the media In America? The Media Industry is changing everyday, companies must continually change the way they deliver products to the public. Some of the best examples of how companies are using new media to distribute products are Carnival Films, and Youtube. Carnival Film is the production company behind Downton Abbey. You Tube is a video sharing sight that started out as a place for John Q. Public to post his home movies. YouTube has become an internet phenomenon and a distribution point for features film, music videos and TV shows. It is important to understand how the companies use the internet to air the products. More important to us the consumer is to understand who owns Carnival Films and YouTube. Is Downton Abbey truly a British Show? Could American Money fund operations at the Abbey? YouTube started out as an independent web site, so why is it now full of advertisement?

Downton Abbey is period drama that airs in the UK on the free to air ITV ONE network. In America Downton Abbey is aired on the PBS network. The show has become one of many to realize the power of the internet. Downton Abbey is available on Amazon and Hulu, both are websites who allow users to view TV programs over the internet. You need not be home at 9 pm on sundays to watch Downton Abbey you can watch the show, all episodes on your time. According to PBS, the show is produced by Carnival Films. Carnivals website states that Carnival films is best known around the world for Downton Abbey. In the United Kingdom Carnival film is one the leading producers of TV shows for the BBC and ITV. According to Carnivals corporate website, from the companies start in 1978 until 2008 it was a truly local independent production house. In 2008 Carnivals Managing Director sold the whole company to the American media giant NBC Universal. Not long after the peacock network purchased Carnival, According to Comcast’s website the cable TV giant purchased and now has full control of NBC Universal.

It would appear that Downton Abbey is not exactly a British only media production nor is it independent has Carnival would like to claim. We Start with Comcast/NBC Universal, Comcast was already a media giant, with the purchase of the controlling shares of NBC Universal from General Electric made them a behemoth media conglomerate. Comcast owns the major NBC network holdings from the over the air TV network, studios, NBC News and Sports along with all of NBC’s and Telemundo local owned and operated TV stations in major American Markets. According to CJR.ORG in 2013 Comcast also gained control of Universal Pictures and Universal Parks and Resorts. With the knowledge of how large Comcast is it should be no surprise that Downton Abbey is streamed on the internet. Comcast corporate web site shows that Comcast has a thirty-two percent share in A footnote in this tangled ownership web, Digital ITV, the...

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