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Passion can be a driving force and anybody’s life. For athletes there is have a passion to push themselves to the highest level in order to excel at whatever their given sport may be. However, sometimes this passion can be both beneficial and destructive. While the passion can allow the athlete to excel at the sport, if that athlete becomes injured that passion can cause the athlete to return to play too early. Returning to play too early can be harmful to the athlete whether it be immediately or years down the road. An athlete should not be returned back play until adequate healing and recovery has taken place and the athlete can return to playing sports at a pre-injury level. However this cannot always take place because the of the mindset of the athlete.
Athletes have a different mindset than others when it comes to injuries. The desire to return to activity as soon as possible often interferes with the athlete’s common sense. According to Charles Peebles, if an injury cannot actually be seen by the athlete, such as a stress fracture, the injury does not instill into their minds that they need to stop whatever sport or activity they are part of (Peebles). The physician and the athletic trainer must protect the athlete from injuring himself/herself further and sometimes that involves making the decision that the athlete must stop his/her sport for a given amount of time.
Healing and recovery may take time depending on the severity of the injury and the conditioning of the athlete. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, studies have shown that good conditioning can not only prevent injuries, but it can also lessen the severity of the injury and speed recovery (“Return to Play”). This is why some professional athletes are able to return to play so quickly after injury. In cases like those the professional athlete’s tremendous physical condition helped lessen the severity of the injury and increase the speed of the recovery period.
After an injury the body needs time to heal and repair itself. According to Abby Sims, an orthopedic/sports physical therapist, at one week after sustaining an injury, soft tissues exhibit approximately 3% of pre-injury tensile strength. At three weeks post trauma, soft tissues have been found to function at about 30% of normal tensile strength. And at 3 months post trauma,...

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