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Comedic Short Story. Essay

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The first time I remember seeing IT was when I was ten years old frolicking in the woods with my friends, playing hide and seek. As the game went on we made the playing field bigger and bigger and bigger. Eventually, we got to the point that if you yelled really loud from where we started you couldn't even hear it where we were. When we were all done we were in the middle of the woods and suddenly, we all had pink shoes on. It was at this point that we noticed we were lost.....Now my friends weren't the types that usually get scared, but this time they were, in addition to me. Not only were we all lost, but now we had to find our way out of the woods with pink shoes on, gross. Luckily, we were the smart type of kids and got a plan together on how to get out. We got sticks and we walked off in one direction making a straight line in the multicolored autumn leaves to make sure we would not turn and get lost. We got out, the end. Ha-ha just kidding. We did get out, but on the way out we saw a horrible sight. There was an eight foot monster with large feet, a small head, and no neck. We laughed at how funny it looked; it was rather skinny, until it started moving towards us. We started running but it chased us. We thought we had all gotten away then we noticed that Herman; the fat kid, was missing. We all were sad and when we all went home and went straight to sleep.I don't know about the other eleven boys, but I had the worst nightmares of my entire life that night. All of the dreams were about IT walking around with Herman's head on a stick. I may have gotten three hours of sleep that night with the number of times I woke up full of fear and covered in sweat. The next day at school we all tried to act normal, but we ended up jumping every second someone said our name.When I got home from school, my mom told me what the police said what had apparently happened, but I knew otherwise. Their description of it was totally off. They thought an Israeli terrorist...

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