Peace In The Nuclear Age Essay

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All of these seem to happen in a threatening silence: a gilded mushroom shaped cloud rises from the far away horizon, almost simultaneously all electronic devices malfunction, followed by an omnipotent shockwave originating from the center of the mushroom, destroying everything in its path. The blast releasing too much heat melts everything. The cloud swells rapidly and soon covered the sky. What follows is dark and quiet, what follows is the entire human civilization gone with wind?.
This tragedy has happened before, so the government needs to do everything to prevent it from happening again. This is the only right policy for the United States of America under all the circumstances, because we do not have any other choices: if it happens again in the future, it will be the Armageddon of the world, as referred to the Bible.
But ironically the United States? Weapons of Mass Destruction Policy is just any thing but does everything to prevent it (1). As the only superpower in the world, it no longer fears the threat of foreign enemies like USSR that have troubled it in the past century. ?What was true during the cold war era no longer applies, and what we face today is a new reality that is every bit as challenging and worrisome as that which we faced during the cold war. (2)? Keeping the thousands of nuclear warheads and large amount of bio-chemical weapons is a remnant from the cold war, and they will cause lots of problems. We have to protect the excessively large number of nuclear warheads from thefts, nuclear contamination and some crazy individuals ?accidentally? pushing the nuclear buttons. It is not a paradox for the American government to keep from destroying these weapons of mass destruction, but it is because of the convoluted bipartisan democracy system.
The United State weapon of mass destruction policy presently, is not as simple a structure as the people usually think it to be. It fully depends on the considerations of those congressmen who were supported by the gigantic corporation. Their decisions have somewhat represented their own selfish interests. For example: a weapon company is more likely to give a congressman the financial support, and expect to get some pro-weapon development policies in return; an electric company will give support to a congress man who proclaims that America is under an emergency of lacking electricity. Based on this, American weapons of mass destruction policy would be better designed to focus on the root of the problem. By giving those weapon companies a good environment to use their own sophisticated nuclear technology on the decreasing nuclear warheads and encourage them to use their nuclear material on civil enterprises, so that we can more easily reduce this cold war- sequel.
First, destroying weapons of mass destruction is a hugely expensive process. It may actually cost our government more money in destroying the nuclear warheads than building them; U.S. and Russia officially report some of their...

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