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Comic Strip Essay

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The comic strip has much to do with what we have been discussing in class. We have been discussing in class the development of the individual. In the comic it is saying that dog bones look much like human bones, and maybe we are more connected then we thought. I believe in the comic strip they are also stating that people are ignorant. That we will believe anything that we see. We as people a lot of the time also jump to conclusions. In the strip Buck jumped strait to the conclusion that Satchel, the dog, is the missing piece of humanity. I think that this comic is trying to say a lot of different things. I also believe that the comic is trying to say that people need to know facts about things. We need to learn information so that we can evolve. Throughout the year we have discussed many of these things in past readings. We read many pieces of literature that discussed evolution of the human species, such as; “Gilgamesh”, the philosophy of Socrates, “The Sermon on the Mount”, “14 Mindfulness Trainings”, “Oration on the Dignity of Man”, “Intimation Ode”, “Civilization and it Discounts”, “Tell Me a Riddle” and “Night. These pieces of literate discuss how people need to change to evolve into a better society.
In all of our readings, they discuss how humans need to change and act in order to evolve the human race into one without as many flaws. In the story of “Gilgamesh”, the character Gilgamesh is greedy for power and wants to become immortal. Gilgamesh is selfish and all of his riches and power are not good enough for him. This shows that even long ago, people were not satisfied with what they had. I believe that people are the same today. In the end, Gilgamesh learns that what he has is a lot, and he should appreciate what he has. It is my belief that this something that all people need to learn, in order for humanity to evolve. In the “Sermon on the Mount”, Jesus talks about how people should treat each other. It shows how Jesus wants us to evolve into better people. Jesus speaks about sins and the rights and wrongs. He is telling us this because he wants humanity to grow into more evolved people. In the “14 Mindfulness...

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