Comics Books And How They Influence The World Raritan Valley Research Paper

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Murphy 1
Madison Murphy
Professor Teixeria
English Comp 1
13 October 2017
Education in Gender Studies
Over the past decade Gender Studies has become a popular topic to debate about from baby products, to colors and to one’s experience of the outside world. Schools today do not allow the opportunity for young adolescents to explore/interact with this real-life course. These young students are at a time of age where they are like sponges and need to absorb this information and take on a new perspective of this way of life. Schools need to offer this opportunity to allow these vulnerable students a chance to absorb this growing topic before they develop or are forced upon an opinion of their own.
These young students have to become more aware of the real-life scenario that’s happening outside their own house. Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell-Ginet state in their essay Learning to Be Gendered that, “It has become increasingly clear that children play a very active role in their own development” (Eckert 742). These children are our future, they’re the ones that are going to make a difference in the world, if they could only just know what is ‘secretly’ happening in their everyday life. They’ve experienced gender equality before they were even born. Two colors represent two genders and only two, and these “colors are so integral to our way of thinking about gender attributions have bled into our view of the colors” (Eckert 738). These two colors are pink for girls and baby blue for boys. The neutral colors that do not...

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