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Coming From Hong Kong Adapting To Live In Britain Will Be Easy

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COMING FROM HONG KONG, CHINA, ADAPTING TO LIVE IN BRITISH WILL BE EASY.WAN Ming-Lai (Jovi)P4147285SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES & LAWTEESSIDE UNIVERSITYTUTOR: GARYGROUP: 4WORD COUNT: 764 wordsENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSESMODULE CODE EDU-1049-NPRE-SESSIONAL ENGLISH COURSE 2012/13COMING FROM HONG KONG, CHINA, ADAPTING TO LIVE IN BRITISH WILL BE EASY.Name: WAN Ming-Lai (Jovi)Class: 4Date : 19/8/2014Final DraftBritish was named "The Great British" or "British Empire". In the 19th century, it's colonial expansion achieved the largest territories during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Technology, commerce, language and management had been spread all over the world to assist the British. British Empire which, at its greatest extent, over one-fifth to one-quarter of the world's area and population(BBC 1, 2014). One of the famous colony is Hong Kong, China, which divided into three area Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and New Territories, was ceded to Britain in 1842, 1860 and 1898 respectively. In 1997 China took over Hong Kong; hence, ending more than 150 years of British colonial rule(BBC 2, 2014). This essay will indicate the similarities and differences between the greatest country, Britain and a former British colony, Hong Kong, China. Moreover, there are some details of environment, food style and education system which shows that the inhabitants come from Hong Kong is suitable to live in Britain or not.Firstly, there are many differences of environment between Britain and Hong Kong. The population of the British grew to 64.1 million in mid-2013 while the population density is 261 persons per km2(ONS, mid-2013). On the other hand, the total amount of population in Hong Kong is 7.1 million in mid-2013 and the population density is 6650 persons per km2 (HKCSD, 2014). It is a large range between these two places. Therefore, comparing with the low population density of Britain, people lived in Hong Kong were unthinkable crowded. However, most of Hong Kong inhabitants choose to live in the country side rather than in the town centre. There is over 50% people living in the New Territories. In contrast, the capital city of London, has over 8.4 million people, 33.1% of the total population(ONS, mid-2013). In the case of the living area, Hong Kong citizen may choose Britain for retired. They can comfortably enjoy their rest of time, admire the beautiful views and have leisurely life in Britain.Secondly, we can choose fewer types of food in Britain than in Hong Kong. The traditional food and drinks of British is pasta, fish and chips, pizza and also fast food is the most popular. The study found that an average of 12 takeaways is purchased per person per month. Men do like fish and chips the most (mailonline ,2013). Although Hong Kong was governed by British for a long period of time, people still reserved the traditional recipes of Chinese food such as rice, noodles and soup. They would like to drink hot tea instead of cold drinks. Hong Kong...

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