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Coming Home From A Tough Day

1863 words - 8 pages

I came home from work, tired and exasperated beyond measure because
employees who have to dictate every step to handle .

I enter the house and leave the car keys on the table stand at the entrance, head up
and myself in the mirror , sighing . Look as tired as I feel . I am a woman
twenty-nine years old, tall and supple breasts where my friends would
kill if given the chance , as the bottom of a suitable size is not too much, but
well toned from hours that you spend in the gym. A brown hair to the middle
back , rich and light waves that fit my face shape heart
large eyes , emerald green that makes many to hang a moment when
ii notice and full lips that promise.

For most people are accomplished woman : young, gorgeous and with a
office of vice - president with a breathtaking view of the company
important. That's what I see others and not few people are talking about how
I arrived in this point of his career at my age . But few people
I know as I worked to get here . I paid an awful success
mine. Days and sleepless nights , I must remind you to eat
that actually worked till dawn feet . And even before I get
the job you do, I suffered a depression that I lost hope that I
getting out again. Then I met D. , which I put on my feet and learned
to get organized so that you never get in that situation again. for
That's why I love him forever. Without him I would not be here.

I looked in the mirror in the hall , thinking to A., when I came to mind again
inability to employees who must confront at work and I angered
again within me . I left my briefcase and coat in the hall and went storming in
living room.

- Hello , I said settling on the couch and taking my laptop in arms -

- Hi Lisa.

I think five minutes passed and I noticed A. rising and moving
to the kitchen -After another 10 minutes , finishing with instructions to send mail
Laura , my secretary , I closed my laptop and I turned myself to
kitchen . I went and saw him sitting at a table A. romantic arranged
candles and steaming food , reminding me that I could not but to
nibble a salad for lunch .

Have you cooked ? I asked surprised .

- It seems like the only one who remembered our anniversary , he said
in a neutral tone .

God, I thought I turned three , how could I forget so ceva_

Honey, Laura iartama but stupid me did only problem in recent days,
And those in the computer world have taken head. I had to fix all the mistakes ,
I said adopting a defensive attitude .

I have had this discussion , Lisa. Do not bring work problems at home - When
go through this door , leave input problems . in addition to this , you completely ignored
when you come home today . It seems that not suticient important for you to come
give me a kiss when you come home.

But I had to send an email to Laura with some instructions that follow. I
Pontiac ready for some clients who are to have a meeting and forgot
to tell some things before I leave office I said annoyed because I
Remember how in the clouds had been all...

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