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COMING OF AGE A Separate Peace and Huckleberry Finn come from an immature start and develop and come of age. During the entirety of both novels, all characters learn and become mature. Before they can grow that had to be subjected to hardships and difficulties in order to be delivered to the end of their journey. Yet, they are not capable of seeing where they are going or how they will get there. So, it is impossible to see what they have accomplished. In a Separate Peace Gene is an intellectual who misunderstood his friends motives and decides to terminate him. Gene hurts his friend permanently and he will remember the effect on his friend. This effect in reality causes him to endure more suffering than Finny. During the entire novel all characters realize how unknowledgeable and inexperienced they really are. Gene is the first to acknowledge this. Gene perceives this when he thinks that Finny would (jokingly) kill himself out of jealous envy over the fact that Gene could be head of the class. Gene does not take this jokingly but Gene believed him. "The joking manner was a screen; I believed him" Gene thought as Finny tried to make Gene stop worrying about his schoolwork. Genes growing up occurred premature because it unfortunately becomes a war that consumes and poisons him. The war inside him causes traumatic circumstances to arise, such as the accident including Finny. In the commencement of the novel Gene recalls a time when he was younger and he could make himself escape from the great fear that he lived in. "A little fog hung over the river, so that as I neared it I felt myself becoming isolated from everything except the river and the trees beside it" The forced Gene to become something he cared not to be, and Gene unfortunately grows up to soon.Finny never faced reality, when it came to a war, Finny announced there was not a war, but in fact, it was a joke inspired by some old guys who were laughing because they had fooled the entire world. Finny talked about the war as non-existent and he and Gene voiced that it was impossible and there could not be a war. Gene said these words out of sympathy to please Finny, but subconsciously they both knew the truth, but denied it because it was reality. But in the end Finny says, "I wish to God there was not a war." This was his way of coming of age, Finny reveals to Gene, "I was going to keep on saying, (there was no war) until two seconds after I got a letter from Ottaua or ChangKing or someplace saying, 'Yes you can enlist with us." Finny was a kid at heart who was not selfish like Gene, but it is also difficult to see how he advances because of the obstacle he unfortunately has to endure. Leper was a sensitive boy going into the war who is most concerned with beaver dams and butterflies. He left the war as a "Psycho", concerned and self-centered. This psychotic behavior was a terrible way to turn. Leper was the one who made Gene and Finny face...

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1102 words - 4 pages immediately redirected to a subject less controversial. If Anne wanted to figure any of these issues out, she was going to have to do it on her own. At this point, Anne found herself searching for answers. Not only about racial tensions but about her developing body. She was entering a new phase in her life, where 1 Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi(New York: Laurel, 1968), her body was gaining a lot of attention. This left Anne feeling

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1091 words - 5 pages Coming of Age in Mississippi Coming of Age in Mississippi by Ann Moody is detailing the experiences while growing up as a black woman in rural Mississippi before and during the civil rights movement. The memoir covers Ann’s life from her childhood to adulthood. It provides a fascinating glance at the lives of Negroes working in the plantations several years before the start of civil rights movement. It clearly outlines the poverty, desperation

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642 words - 3 pages conditions were in the south and all over America for blacks. I never really thought much of it, like many kids my age, because it never affected me. I’ve been told by teachers, speakers, and whoever else my school would bring in to tell us about what it was like for blacks back in the 1940’s and the 1950’s. After I read the book, Coming of Age in Mississippi, I realized what it was really like for blacks back then. I never realized what it was

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2255 words - 9 pages :Coming of Age in Mississippi; is a book written by Anne Moody. In the book, Moody told her personal story which gave readers an overview of what it was to have grown up as a black in the South of America, especially as a black woman, during the forties and fifties. :Coming of Age; is a term which demonstrates that Moody had grown up as a black woman through her Childhood, High School and College. As she became more

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1201 words - 5 pages symbols and motifs in “Flight” to coincide with the themes of coming of age and inevitable death. To support the coming of age theme, a symbol of the moon and sun were applied in “Flight.” The moon helped Pepé travel easier and protected him against his pursuers. It was described as a “…withered moon” which symbolizes the peaceful transition of a person on their walk of life towards old age (Steinbeck 472). The moon was like a guardian for Pepé

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3169 words - 13 pages Coming of Age: A Thematic Unit Plan Everyone knows that growing up is not an easy thing to do. In fact, the teenage years can be one of the most tumultuous stages of a person’s life. Changes take place daily, making it seem as though a person has no control over his life. These years often are marked by feelings of insecurity, hostility, and uncertainty. Despite this, however, the fact remains that the teenage years also serve as a time

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