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Coming Of Age In Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak

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Where The Wild Things Are is, in my opinion, one of the best coming of age stories there is. It deals with heavy topics in such a light manner that it actually makes the whole experience enjoyable for us readers. This story depicts a young boy named Max who is unruly and is constantly wearing pajamas that make him look like a wolf. When Max yells to his mother that he is going to eat her up it upsets her and he is sent to his room without any dinner. When he gets to his room it starts to morph into a forrest. He takes a small boat and sails for weeks and weeks and almost a year until he arrives at mysterious place where the wild things are. In his wolf pajamas, the Wild Things mistake him to be a beast like they are. After many attempts or trying to intimidate Max without success, Max yells at them to be still and looks the beasts straight in their yellow eyes without blinking once. Impressed with Max, the beasts decide to make him the king of the wild things.
Using a psychological literary lens we can see that this whole story divulges into the fantasies of an lonely child full of angst who is screaming for attention. The extreme rage that Max manifests from his mother's actions, throws him into some sort of mental breach where he actually thinks that he is in an alternate reality in order to cope with his life and his problems. I think every child reading could imagine getting in a fight with a parent and wanting to thrust themselves into a fantasy world where they suddenly have more power and less parental authority. As soon as Max slams his bedroom door, he is mentally transported into a whole different world. There was no actual physical movement of his body, but he truly believed that he was in a completely different location just from being so incredibly emotionally distraught. If anyone believes something to incredibly ferociously as Max believes in this false world, they can perceive it to be reality.
This charming and ground breaking short novel lets readers see the inner life and worldview of a child.
There is a stark contrast of this new world that Max has envisioned for himself to the one he left behind with his mother is obviously...

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