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I stood there gazing at my reflection in the mirror, anxiously awaiting his arrival.Everything had to be perfect. I had spent weeks preparing for tonight. This was the nightthat Gary and I decided to reveal our true feelings for one another. We had kept ourhomosexuality a secret from everyone and decided that the Senior Prom would be thebest time to come out of the closet.The sound of the doorbell caused my forehead to bead with sweat. I opened thedoor; Gary stood there wearing a sexy, black tuxedo that made his already broadshoulders look even stronger. He pulled his hand from behind his back and presented mewith the most beautiful white orchid I had ever seen. As he said, 'You look absolutelystunning, my dear,' he gently pinned it to my lapel. I felt my heart race as he leanedforward and kissed my cheek. He led me by the hand to the black stretch limousine thathe rented for this special occasion, and I noticed that his eyes lingered languidly over thematching black tuxedo that I was wearing. I knew the evening would be perfect.After an enchanting candlelight dinner at Geoff's, our favorite Italian restaurant,we headed for the prom. Sensing my anxiety, he gently brought my hand to his chest andsoftly whispered reassuring words in my ear. Our moment alone together went by all tooquickly, and before we knew it, the limousine pulled up to the door of the AmericanTower. I gazed skyward and saw the bright lights of the University Club, where promwas taking place, located on the top floor. We simultaneously took a deep breath andwalked through the revolving, glass doors into the elegant lobby.Once inside we briskly walked to the glass elevator. By the time we stepped ontothe elevator,...

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705 words - 3 pages speaker is trying to make a point that God is coming back for the second time, but no one knows when. Which brings me back to the title of the poem “The Second Coming”, whom symbolizes the reappearance of Christ. The speaker then moves on to talk about “A vast image out of Spiritus Mundi, Troubles my sight:” (12-13). The speaker implies that he has stumble upon a image that confuses him. The speaker goes on and describes a sphinx, a winged monster

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1611 words - 7 pages Within the 1990s there is a persistent problem of Gay culture. Early in the 1990s it was hard to come out and let the world know that you are gay. Within the early 1990s The Wedding Banquet (1993), although it approached the issue of Wei-Tung Gao trying to tell his parents that he is gay and still accepting as who he is. Contrastingly within the late 1990s it becomes more acceptable to society by having celebrities coming out like Ellen

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694 words - 3 pages , jostles the tree in an impulse of envy and Finny falls out. From this experience, Gene realizes that he has a savage in him and it scares him. Even Leper says to Gene, "… always a savage underneath" (Knowles 137). This realization starts Gene on his process of coming of age. Another event that pushed Gene farther along in his coming of age process was the war. During the Devon boys' school year in 1942 to 1943, World War II is going on. The boys

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