Coming To America To Establish A Small Business

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Immigrating to America and establishing a respected business is no small task. For anyone with a dream, business-savvy or not, accomplishing such a monumental task requires determination, sleepless nights, and expertise. My parents opened a small medical practice in 2002 named Internal Medicine Associates to pursue this dream. Reflecting on my past experiences with Internal Medicine Associates, my parents’ small business ownership was a critical factor in shaping my own personal development.
When my parents began their business, the hospitals and offices they visited became my second home. Because both of my parents were physicians, it necessitated both of them working late to keep the business running. Their work extended beyond the workplace. When they were not working, my parents were engrossed in studying for various medical licensing and board exams. As both of my parents needed to work, they would often bring me with them to the office or doctors’ lounge after school. My parents’ two employees at the time, Brandi and Judy, kept me occupied with small tasks. I would assist Judy in filing and organizing magazines in the waiting room. But it was from those late nights at the hospital with my parents that I truly learned the value of hard work and diligence.
Psychology class taught me that children learn by modeling – observing and imitating the behaviors of others. Children see their parents performing actions and attempt to engage in these actions themselves. Parents who read often in the presence of their children end up with children who grow up to read often themselves. Thus, the largest life lesson my parents taught me was not even a deliberate one. While their noses were in books studying for medical exams, mine was in books too. The late nights visiting patients and being on-call also inspired me to spend long hours working on studying. Because my parents could not teach me English well from a young age, it was clear that I would need to put in just as much effort in studying as my parents did in their business. A common denominator between immigrant South Asian parents is their dedication to ensuring the academic success of their children. What my parents really wanted me to learn is how vital work is in accomplishing any difficult task. My parents’ dedication to their business influenced my...

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