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Command Zulu’s Diversity Program Essay

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Command Zulu’s Diversity Program
Command Zulu is a dynamic and diverse organization that consists of employees from many different organizations. The employees of Command Zulu come together to manufacture, repair, and deliver widgets to the United States Navy submarine fleet. Employees are contractors, government civilians, USN Sailors, USMC Marines, and government civilians that are part of a collective bargaining unit (union). The focus of this paper is to explore Command Zulu’s diversity program in regards to the policy, groups, and management. Leadership within the Command Zulu actively supports diversity in the organization that consists of people from many ethnicities, races, disabilities, and sexual orientations. Additionally, the leadership in the organization sets the standards for all employees to follow. The first step in implementing a successful diversity program lies within the organizational policies associated with diversity.
Diversity Policy
Command Zulu’s diversity policy is focuses on equal employment opportunity and prevention of discrimination. The diversity policy is actually, what Cañas and Sondak (2011) explained as policy of compliance with Title VII law. The policy is in transition and resembles what Kirton and Greene (2009) stated as an equal opportunity program that focuses on previous equal opportunity programs given a new title to reveal commitment to diversity. However, Command Zulu’s leadership, managers, and employees do execute the current policy with diversity in mind. The execution of the diversity program covers the employees that Kinvanjui (2013) explained as the demographic composition of the team within the organization. Command Zulu’s diversity policy does not align with what the American Society Civil Engineers (2006) cautioned as a policy that is focuses on only women and people of color. The program focuses on all employees and recognizing there are differences between employees as well as applying equality to those differences.
Command Zulu’s diversity program attempts to ensure that all employees receive a fair chance to excel and support the command’s success. The policy supports what Kinyanjui (2013) stated as an awareness of the importance of diversity as it relates to organization performance and effectiveness, as well as improving productivity and competitiveness. Employee’s role in regards to the policies and procedures is simple; promote and enforce the policy equitably throughout the organization. The employee involvement adds to the culture of the organization by enforcing the standards and embracing the differences in the workplace. The culture of Command Zulu balances the differences that American Society of Civil Engineers (2006) discussed as initiatives that require a balance between many paradoxes. Leadership in the organization focuses aligning the individuals, groups, and organization into what the American Society of Civil Engineers (2006) explained as...

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