Commanding Heights The Documentary Was Split Into 23 Chapters Of Which We Only Covered Up To Chapter 18. The Beginning Of The Documentary Focused On The Global Idea.

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Commanding HeightsThe documentary was split into 23 chapters of which we only covered up to chapter 18. The beginning of the documentary focused on the Global Idea. The way the world worked was changing and we as humanity had to find a way to adapt to this new way of life. It was 1992 and America's economy was adrift. Governor Clinton was campaigning for presidency with hopes to turn the economy around. Clinton won the candidacy and quickly went to America's head economist to create an agenda to have America catch up with the rate the world was now moving. The economist were in large favor for NAFTA, of which Clinton would latter approve despite his siding against it in his campaigns prior to his being elected. In doing this Clinton was betraying the American labor union as now their jobs would be sucked out of America and sent across the world to places where labor was a fraction of the cost.With the crossing of borders now in affect American investments poured into the poor nations of the world like Mexico, Thailand, China etc... This created a boom in the American market however many Americans lost their jobs to people thousands a miles away from where they lived. Now the American labor union was in competition with people who worked for pennies; there was basically no competition as there was no way they would be able to compete with that. This caused an up roar in America; however, it increased the level of living standards in the poor nations around the world by creating jobs for them. This crossing of boarders thus created a Global Market that caused trade to go invisible. The Market was now becoming who we are. It was pushing people to perform at levels they were not used to, and if they did not perform they could lose their job to someone in a little village in Asia. France was afraid, and still is, that their laid back culture was at risk due to this Globalization of the world. Third world countries were now to be called "emerging markets," as now they were all included in the whole world market system. "Emerging market hunters" like Mark Mobius goes into the emerging countries to capture their growth and make money for his investors. America encouraged emerging countries to join the global market and open their market to create mutual profit.In the "Averting a meltdown" section of the documentary it shows the negative affects of NAFTA on these emerging nations. Southern Mexico had an uprising of rebels did not like what was going on and they began making assaults on the officials of the city, killing the leading presidential candidate. This in turn began to scare off foreign investors thus putting the Mexican peso at risk of imploding. The global economy was about to face something they have...

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