Commandments Of A Society, As In George Orwell´S Animal Farm

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A great deal of people can agree that most government is corrupt, or has lots of problems in its system. For example, we’ll take Animalism from the book, Animal Farm. Animalism ran off a set of seven commandments, which the animals followed. These commandments stated that creatures with only two legs were enemies, and creatures that stood upon four legs were friends. The commandments also prohibited animals from taking part in certain human activities, such as wearing clothes, sleeping in beds, and drinking alcohol. Also, it stated that all animals are equal to each other, and no animal shall kill each other. These commandments may seem like a perfectly good set of rules to run a government ...view middle of the document...

The citizens of the world have the ability to kick current officers out of office, and appoint new officers, if they feel rights, defined here, are taken away. Each town shall follow the same seven commandments, and will not have any specialized laws. Thirdly, if commandments need amended, the chiefs will gather together to amend the commandment, and the amendment will need to be approved, via voting, by at least 75% of the world’s population. Fourthly, an annual census will take place, in order to keep track of the world’s population, and appoint new officers, if needed. Fifthly, a yearly tax of 25% of your income will also take place, to fund law enforcement, as well as schooling. The tax applies to people who are at least 18 years of age, and make at least $15,000 a year, or it’s foreign equivalent. Every kid must go to school, starting at age six, through age 18, or until they have completed their 12th year of the curriculum. Lastly, every person shall get freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. These...

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