Commemorative Manuscript On Tupac Shakur Essay

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Commemorative Manuscript on Tupac Shakur

Central theme: Tupac was a very misunderstood individual, and a lot can be learned from his life.

1. When most people hear the name Tupac, they think of a tattooed thug, a gangsta rapper killed in a tragic shooting who only got what was coming to him, a man who lived by the gun, and who died by the gun. However, those people probably have never taken a chance to look beyond what their eyes tell them, past the ignorance and into the depths of the man who really was Tupac.
2. Tupac Shakur was born on September 17, 1971, in Brooklyn New York. Tupac got into acting early in his life, landing his first role in an acting ensemble when he was 12 years old. Tupac also began writing many poems and love songs, keeping them in a journal, which has since been published. Soon after however, he and his family moved to Baltimore.
3. In Baltimore, at the age of 15, Tupac enrolled in the illustrious Baltimore School for the Arts, where he studied acting and ballet with white kids. He always said that this was where he felt he finally got in touch with himself, because up until this point he had been searching. While he was there, he discovered rap music, showing potential as a strong lyricist and impressing his teachers with his acting and rhyming skills.
4. Unfortunately, Tupac was not able to continue his training. He moved out west to Oakland, California in 1988 with the rest of his family, where he began to, as he called it, “hang with the wrong crowd.” He started selling drugs and got off track, joining a gang and spending time in and out of jail.
5. In 1990, he joined a rap group known as the Digital Underground, and over the next two years released two albums with them, before finally starting a very successful solo career, releasing the eventual platinum selling album “2Pacalypse Now” on November 12, 1991. Over the next five years, Tupac enjoyed a lot of success in both the rap industry and as an actor. He released four more albums including raps first ever double CD, all going multiple platinum. He also acted in three movies earning high remarks from directors and actors. However, for the first half of this successful solo career, Tupac continued to go further off track. He was arrested several times over the next three years, but was acquitted of every crime. In 1993, he was arrested for the last time, but while on trial, he was shot five times during an alleged robbery. Tupac underwent surgery and checked himself out of the hospital two hours after that. Tupac was still on trial however, and this time earned a four and a half year sentence on February 14, 1995. During April of that year, Tupac conducted an interview with Vibe magazine, in which he renounced the life that he had been living and promised to do nothing but positive works from then on. On October of 95, record company CEO signed Tupac to a record deal and then posted bond for Tupac. Tupac immediately began work on what would be...

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