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Comment In Detail On The Poems By Ted Hughes. As A Final Conclusion, Choose Two Other Poems Which Deal With The Same Theme And Discuss And Compare Them With Hughes' Poems

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The poems by Ted Hughes all have the same common theme, nature. He was born to a working class family in a small mining town in Yorkshire, and was obsessed with and became famous for describing the power and mystery of animals as well as the deep world of nature. Although these poems could be seen as a literary tradition, they could also be a vehicle for discussing other issues that are present in each poem itself.Thought-Fox is about the appearance of a fox through the window with himself looking at it. The image portrayed is of himself sitting at his desk, looking out of the window, wondering what to write. The first stanza tells us that it is late and dark outside but "something else is present" for the moment, he is faced with a "blank page" telling the reader that he has not begun his writing. The second stanza introduces something "entering the loneliness" possibly showing that he is at a loss as to what to write but an idea is entering his thoughts. The third stanza introduces the fox and repeats the words "now, and now, and now" makes you imagine the fox creeping ever closer, gracefully on the snow. "Brilliantly concentratedly" is the poet realising the he now has the material in order to complete the poem with the last stanza informing us that "the page is printed" - his work is now done. The rhythm of the poem starts slowly and reaches a crescendo due to his excitement with the powerful line "till with a sudden sharp hot stink of fox" references that the poet can complete his task at hand with the closing satisfactory words of "the page is printed" - my work is complete.Thistles is, on the face of it, a poem about the life cycle of thistles growing in the wild. What is immediately obvious is that it is a very hard read. The tone and use of adjectives are distinctly prickly "of resurrection, a grasped fistful" showing that they are determined to grow whatever the weather and condition they are faced with. It is as if they are fighting a war against mankind who are desperately trying to make them disappear at the "hoeing hands of men". The vehicle behind this particular poem is likened to men in war; whereby they fight, they die, but their children follow suit and the fighting continues. This poem climaxes in the last stanza where he writes "mown down, it is a feud. Their sons appear". A constant battle is present, thistles are ugly, can cause blood to appear (by being prickly to all that touch them) just in the same way that war can be.Roe-Deer, although this again is about nature, a different, more in depth meaning is present i.e. the theory of Gai Phylosophy whereby Earth is a sentient being within mankind and nature being connected. On the surface, Hughes describes himself driving through woods in heavy snowfall and comes across deer standing in his pathway. They stare at one another for sometime then the deer disappears. Reading further into the poem I find myself wondering how the deer could communicate to mankind with his words...


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1573 words - 6 pages conclusion, the main reasons behind my taking to these two poems are that they are both introspective poems by nature and the sombre themes of having different perspectives and the transience of life, which they dealt with, intrigued me and I identified with them. Reading them made me ponder and reflect and they proved to have a therapeutic effect over me. The style and language in which they were presented is plain and simple. Yet, they are effective

'Ted Hughes Represents Animals as Alien and Opposed to the Civilised Human Consciousness.'<Tab/> Is this an Accurate Representation of the Poems that you have studied?

2354 words - 9 pages , Ravens, The Horses and Roe-Deer Hughes has seemingly tried to give the reader the impression that the animals live in a different place to modern mankind with different morals and ideals, being able to rely on instinct to survive.In the poems, by Hughes, that we have studied there are many similarities between them and many of these can be linked to the title statement. For example in Pike and Jaguar references are made to the single mindedness of

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2022 words - 8 pages changes raised the possibility of all sorts of other changes. It raised the hopes of some in Britain for reform of the franchise, for religious toleration, for a change in the legal status of women. Others saw such reforms as examples of 'Jacobinism', that is, as innovation that threatened the British constitution with the anarchy, blood-letting, and eventual tyranny to which the French Revolution had led. So events in France became part of British

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1062 words - 5 pages funny to be sad”’ as the songs hold ‘“laughter and pain, hunger and heartache”’ (Poetry Criticism). This point of view is noticeably reflected onto his poems when some stanzas are in the “form of the typical blues song” (Poetry Criticism). In other words, the stanza had two nearly identical lines followed by a third that contrasts the first two and this is seen in Same in Blues where he uses the repetition of the word “baby” in the first two

This essay compares and contrasts two poems," Mending Wall" by Robert Frost, and "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes. Very useful if assigned to compare and contrast two poems

477 words - 2 pages The poems " Mending Wall" by Robert Frost, and "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes are very similar in many ways, and yet very different in others. "Mother to Son" is written from a mother telling her son that life isn't easy and not to give up. "Mending Wall" is about a man fixing a wall that has holes in it. Both of these poems are about the hard work it takes to get something done. Each of these poems teaches us to never give up when times get


602 words - 2 pages adjectives and how the authors used all three detail describing themes in their writing to make them make sense and a little bit more enjoy-full then other poems I have read. When the authors use nouns it describes the adjective which describes the verb so it all goes along in what they are writing about in a good understandable flow. When authors talk about something in detail they usually use adjectives, verbs, and nouns to explain what they

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