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Wld 57SHaohui Li2014/10/18Standard EnglishIn 1994, the California government enacted the "Three Strikes Law", whose name is derived from the baseball jargon, in order to contain the increasing tendency of criminals. "Three strikes and you are out" originally used in baseball game, and it means that if the batter fails to catch the ball three times in succession, he would be out of the game. As its name implies, "Three Strikes Law" is one of the severest laws that requires a minimum of 25 years to life for people who commit the third repeat offences with multiple previous violent felony convictions. Among fifty states in United States, I believe that currently, the severity of punishment for recidivism in California is moderate and effectively hinders the occurrences of recidivism.The enactment of "Three Strikes Law" in California was highly related to a serious felony conviction, which was the murder of Kimber Reynolds, in the early 1990's. The murderer was a repeat offender who had a long record of conviction previously. His brutality infuriated the community and pushed California State Legislature further in enacting "Three Strikes Law". In March 1994, the California State Legislature adopted the "Three Strikes Law", which was one of the severest laws for repeat offenders and designed to reduce violent crimes. According to the 667(b) to 667(i) in California Code of Regulation (March 7,1994), which is drafted and leaded by Senators Wyman and Presley, it indicates, "the law is to ensure longer prison sentences and greater punishment for those who commit a felony and have been previously convicted of one or more serious and/or violent felony offences." Meanwhile, the law also prohibits the probation and the release on parole to repeat offenders. These series of rules undoubtedly greatly enhance the deterrence to inhibit the recidivism and contribute to lower to criminal rates in California. The purpose of the enactment of "Three Strikes Law" is to effectively curb crime and decrease the criminal rate. Because habitual criminals are potentially harmful to the society, proponents of "Three Strikes Law" believe that requiring longer prison sentences for habitual criminals could greatly reduce crimes. Meanwhile, the serious punishment of "Three Strikes Law" largely deterred would-be criminals in 1990s. According to the Most Recently Statistical Crime Chart in California (2012) by State of California Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General, it shows that after the enactment of "Three Strikes Law", both the numbers of violent crime and property crime decreases remarkably. The continuous decline since 1994 represents the validity of "Three Strikes Law"Furthermore, the punishment of "Three Strikes Law" is to insulate those people who repeatedly commit felony convictions from the society in order to minimize their potential harm to the society. The duration of imprisonment is not completely determined by the perniciousness but also consider...

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