Comment On The Article ”Anger At ‘Cheap Gimmick’ Of Anti Gay

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Comment on the article "Anger at 'cheap gimmick' of anti-gay adoption card The article informs about a a card which is intended to be carried by parents in Great Britain. It states: "In the event of my death I do not want my children to be adopted by homosexuals" and is proposed by the Christian Institue.The moment chosen for the publication is no coincidence: At the same time a vote on amendments to the "adoption and children"-bill is prepared by the peers.It happens again and again: When there is a decision to be made about a sore point, several communities of interest bring their point of view before the public. In this case BAAF, the Christian Instititute and adoption campaigners are on collision course.Referring to the amount of words the article's author, Lucy Ward, uses for the description of BAAF and the "Mori research"- result, the author's viewpoint seems to be clear: Against the donor-style card, and for the extension of the eligibility criteria for adoption, including gay and lesbian couples.What I find interesting about the article is the information which gives me a special point of view of the problem "adoption by gay couples". In Austria we are far from solving problems like this, most of the Austrians still refuse to acknowledge in public even the fact that there exist other forms of sexuality than the heterosexual one. What surprises me is the "trick" (or "cheap gimmick", as the author of the article calls it) with the card. The donor style puts the question of adoption on the same level as the permission of using one person's kidney for organ donor. It attaches importance to something very personal, which is, to tell the truth, not really to be seen in connection with a sudden death: Normally parents know what should happen if their children really happen to be orphans suddenly. It has to be a very big (bad) coincidence if both parents die at the same time, like a car accident or plane crash. And even then there exists a family, there are relatives, who could take care of the children. The "danger" of adoption by any strangers is, therefore, very small.The question of adoption by gay or unmarried couples is to be seen from an other point of view, as BAAF chief executive Felicity Collier' remark shows. The BAAF has to welcome every person or every...

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