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A Decline In Revenue At Quantas

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I choose this news because I think that this airplane industry is having a decline in revenue problem. So I interested to analyze this airplane company. But before I analyze this company, I want to explain a little bit about this airplane industry.
A Qantas airway is an airplane industry from Queensland, Australia, and the head office of this airlines industry located in Sydney, Australia. This industry was found by 3 people named Paul McGuiness, Hudson Fysh, and the last one is Arthus Baird. This industry was founded on the 16th of November 1920. This industry is the one of the airlines with the longest history in the world, before this industry became an airlines industry; this business was beginning by transporting mail and passengers in biplanes. In the 1934 Qantas and British Imperial Airways make a new business together named Qantas Empire Airways or QEA. At that time the airlines company have a route to the Singapore – Brisbane and the flight to London was available too. In 1954, Qantas Empire Airways (QEA) opened a new route to the Africa crossing an Indian ocean, which was called as a kangaroo route. In 1957 Qantas Empire Airways (QEA) change the name or rename the company’s name became Qantas, which has been used until now. In 1985 Qantas Empire Airways (QEA) introduce a new airplane and new non-stop flight VH –OJA and making a record at that time. In 1999 Qantas set up the one world international air union with some international airline company such as American airlines, Canadian Airlines, British Airlines and Cathay Pacific airlines. And now it is air routes and subsidiary Qantas link and Jet connect and now Qantas airlines have covered Oceania, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Britain, Germany, South Africa, USA, Canada, and any other country around the world. ( (Seat Maestro ) (Qantas Airways Limited)
I know that a Qantas airline is the best, largest and strongest airlines company in Australia. This airlines company has their own vision The company has a strong started with their vision “ the world best premium airline and the best world’s best low fare Carrie” to achieve their vision they have 5 strategies such as; safety in our first priority, right aircraft right routes, customer service excellence, operational efficiency as well as two strong complementary brands which are Qantas and jet star to support the firm to stand out both domestic and international airline market. To achieve their safety standard they have some evidence such as the company have an international airline standard and adapted by the international air transport association’s (IATA) and have a safety audit certificate. The customer service is became a priority for their company, they have a program to create value product to reach customer’s heart such as provide a package trips, lounge facility etc. Qantas operational efficiency means all of effective process that concert the product to make productivity to the firm such as the best supplier, operations planning...

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