Commentary Of Portrayal Of Jesus Christ In The Gospel Of Mark

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The Gospel of Mark is the second book in the New Testament, it is believed to be written between AD 50 and 67. It was written by John Mark, a secretary and interpreter to St Peter, who recorded his preaching’s. John Mark wrote the Gospel for non-Jewish Christians, who were being persecuted because of their faith in Rome. He had one purpose above all, to prove to the Roman Christians that Jesus was the Almighty Son of God. John painted a picture of Jesus to be a healer, miracle worker and preacher who was willing to suffer at the expense of believing and following God’s mission. He wanted the audience to know that Jesus didn’t live a fairy tale life; he was judged and ridiculed by others yet he still did not stray from his mission here on earth which was to preach the news of the lord and save us from our sins.
Mark’s Gospel begins with the Baptism of Jesus unlike the other gospels which start at the Birth of Jesus. This was done so that Mark could focus on Jesus’ ministry and life as a servant to others and his death and resurrection. The Gospel is written in a Chiastic structure which means that it can be divided up into five sections that parallel each other. The purpose of a chiastic structure is that it repeats ideas in the reverse sequence. The five sections are ‘The wilderness’ (Mark 1:1-15), ‘Galilee’ (Mark 1:16–8:21), ‘The Way’ (Mark 8:22–11:11), ‘Jerusalem’ (Mark 11:12–14:52) and ‘The Tomb’ (Mark 14:53–16:20.
The first section is an introduction to the Gospel which outlines the themes that will occur throughout, it is known as the prologue. These themes include, the suffering Jesus, his identity and the importance of Jesus’ mission. The second section is the longest part; it focuses on Jesus’ ministry and introduces the 12 apostles. It also includes parables and their relation to the kingdom of heaven, miracle stories and the Messianic Secret. The third section is the centre of the Gospel where Jesus’ identity is questioned. The fourth section...

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