Commentary On A Consular Christmas Blog: An Alternative Christmas In Goa

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Henry ChungCommentary on a Consular Christmas blog: An alternative Christmas in GoaThis text is a blog published on the official Foreign & Common wealth office during Christmas. The purpose initially at the start of the text, superficially, without later context, it seemed to be a informative post about the lifestyle in Goa, hoping to attract tourists. However as the text progresses, the main purpose of the text shifts towards a cautionary note for its main audience, British citizens visiting Goa. Being a blog post, it is written in a informal tone, but considering the formal connotations that usually entitled with the official FCO, the text seemed somewhat out of place. And finally the text was cleverly chosen to be published around Christmas, because it is a time when many Britons may choose to celebrate their holiday somewhere else.As mentioned before, the text was published around Christmas with its purpose/context to warn any British citizens that are leaving the country to celebrate the holiday in Goa. The publication date of the blog was specifically chosen around Christmas, with the aim of matching the date with the context. Comparatively, if the text was published too early or after Christmas, it would defeat the point of the blog and no doubt would be less effective, since the holidays had finished and less Britons would be traveling abroad. Releasing the article during Christmas, also relates the text with the readers/audience,because it intentionally matches the release date with the intentions of the audience at the similar times, so that the information in the text will seem updated and specifically catered for those who are willing to travel to Goa during Christmas. The image containing a picture of the city of Goa under a zoomed in Christmas star, is an attempt to create a visual connection between Goa and the highly valued Christmas holiday in Britain. Goa, located in India, regarding that it is a mainly Hindu dominant country, one should assume that Christmas is less widely celebrated there, the picture cleverly combines the two aspects to break the usual culture norm, and introduces the cross-cultural aspects of Goa. This appeals British citizens because it portrays Goa as an international country, also as an accepting country that welcomes foreign traditions, as a result Britons would not feel too out of place, celebrating a Western tradition in Goa. As one can see from the two examples above, the author depicts Goa as a welcoming place and relates Goa with the main audience, British citizens traveling abroad on Christmas.Understanding the tone of the text, also plays an important role in apprehending its purpose. The text initially starts off with a light tone that the text could have easily confused the reader with a travel advertisement, seen in "we do take our partying seriously.", here even though the phrase is accompanied by the word "seriously", the context itself, "partying" is not and help accentuate the light and...

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