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Commentary On Film: Trans America Essay

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On Tuesday, March 4th the President’s Commission of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation had a viewing and panel discussion of “TransAmerica”. “TransAmerica” is a film about a transgender woman, Bree. Prior to transition Bree went by Stanley. The entire film revolves around Bree and her ultimate goal of getting vaginal construction surgery. She says to her therapist, “It will be the happiest day of my life.” Unfortunately, as the therapist is about to sign off on Bree’s surgery, Stanley receives a call from a county jail in which a young man by the name of Toby is calling for help and claims to be the son of Stanley. The therapist tells Bree she must deal with her past before she can have ...view middle of the document...

Toby realized that he had feelings for Bree prior to this disclosure. Following this incident everyone goes to bed and Toby runs away on the night with money he took from the house.
The next scene opens with Bree lying in a recovery room of a hospital after having her surgery. Her therapist is by her side and she begins to cry. It is not the happiest day of her life . . . . The film ends with Toby at Bree’s door step with bleach blond hair and he says he is working in the adult film industry. Bree is happy waitressing at her job and Toby and Bree reconcile.
Following the film Sabrina Schnur talked about her experiences as a transgender woman. I love Sabrina because I know her son. Damon, her son is also transgender male to female. Sabrina works with youth from PFLAG;she strong advocate for transgender youth. Sabrina served in the US Army. During her time in the service she was stationed at base in Germany. She works for AK Steel and is a member of the human rights committee for the United Auto Workers Union. Sabrina currently serves as treasurer for PFLAG Butler.
This film applies to LGBT psychology in the fact that transgender or Trans* people go through a very difficult process and can be rejected by family, friends and even in some aspects of government. Bree...

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