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Commentary On Learning How To Formulate A Concise Thesis

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After exploring the online writing lab, my perspective on formulating a thesis statement has changed.

Firstly, from personal experience, looking at the assignment title is usually very daunting and I start to list down the various aspects it could cover. I was ambitious in formulating a thesis that could possibly encompass every single aspect, without keeping in mind the length limitations of the paper. As a result, my thesis was very broad. My paper lacked focus and it seemed like with more points, I required more evidence to convince the reader of my stance. After time, some of my evidence sounded repetitive, as there could have been a possible overlap in points.

Through this exploration, I have learnt that a thesis should be narrowed down and focused but yet complex enough, to be developed further with my supporting arguments later on. There must be a logical and clear rationale as to the stance I’m taking, which helps to defend my position from some readers, who may controvert. One rationale clause to use would be “because”.

Even though debatable, it at least helps to provide readers with a clear summary as to where the paper is headed, which would be to prove my position on the topic. As an author, a strong and narrowed thesis would assure I would not wander off from the main topic and transitions would be progressively easier to write.

Next, it has always been this pre-conceived notion of mine that the thesis has to be something factual or tautological. Also, I thought it was simply a paragraph where I would merely list my sub points. I felt that by having a boosted general consensus on the topic without much contention, it would be both safer and easier when it came to backing up my arguments. My paper ended up looking like a mere regurgitation of facts.

Instead, I have learnt that a thesis should be argumentative in nature and would have the capability to split opinions between different individuals. The thesis should also answer the question’s prompt, be succinct in summarizing the writer’s stance while having a preview of his/her sub points.

In addition, in deciding which type of claims to use for my assignment, what might help would be taking into consideration the different viewpoints that have been previously brought up regarding the topic on hand, and zooming in on the biggest difference in viewpoints. Knowing this, it would then help me in formulating my supporting arguments, backed up with evidence, which best rebuts the opposing viewpoint and in turn, convincing the reader of my stance.

Lastly, I have also made the mistake of formulating the body of my essay, mainly my sub points, to specifically cater to the thesis I have already written down prior. I would spend hours formulating a thesis and when I do, I have it to be set in stone or at least, minimal revision was done to it, even at the revision step. As a result, the reader might be confused if my sub points were not logically relevant to my main assertion...

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