Commentary On Nietzche´S Philosophy About God And Humanity

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In this essay we will embrace Nietzsche’s philosophy for the sake of the fact that he proposed that God is dead, life is worthless, and fate ultimately surpasses faith. In the end, he provided for many, an alternative philosophy of life that became life affirming. On the other end, the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche has many diversions, for a countless number of reasons. Undoubtedly, most of those in disagreement to Nietzsche’s philosophy base their objections on a misperceived threat to their unwavering doctrine of religious faith. To make this evident, we begin with one of philosophy’s most argumentative, yet widely misunderstood quotes.
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In reality, while Nietzsche and other great minds of his day could see the removal of Gods crown before their eyes, the full extent of the dethronement of God is not yet felt by the great masses, which still have firm belief that they still have faith in God. But according to the philosopher, once we look deep within ourselves we will realize we no longer have given God our ultimate faith rather, we hand it over to scientific and technological progress to a near point where many of the population simply cannot fathom the absence of such advances.
The death of God is a way of stating that humans no long have the capacity to believe in any spiritual order since they no longer recognize such a phenomenon. The death of God will inevitably take us not only to the rejection of faith but a rejection of all absolute ethics themselves. According to Nietzsche, the loss of an absolute basis for morality leads to cynicism. He uses the word nihilism, a Latin word for ‘nothing,’ which refers to the belief that the universe lacks objective purpose and meaning. Nietzsche predicted that nihilism would be the wave of the future. He also predicted that as more and more people perceive religious values to be empty and science as having no meaning or purpose to offer us, a sense of emptiness would initially conquer: It all amounts to nothing. Life is a cosmic accident. If there is no Supernatural order there will be no divinely ordained goals and therefore no progress among mankind, under his impression.
In Mary Daly’s essay After the Death of God the Father, she notes “Religious symbols die when the cultural situation that supported them ceases to give them plausibility. This should pose no problem to authentic faith which accepts the relativity of all symbols and recognizes that fixation upon any of them as absolute in itself is idolatrous. The becoming of new symbols …grows out of a changing communal situation and experience.”²...

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