Commentary On The Article: I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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In I Want a Wife by Judy Brady, the author generates a captivating argument concerning a wife's responsibilities in a family household. The article was published in Ms. magazine in 1971, this magazine was a feminist which makes this biased. The article becomes visible to be leading towards women, married audience. Nonetheless, her message also goes to clueless men.
In Brady's short story the main argument was of the writer wanting eagerly a wife ,a caregiver, a maid. Bardy's reason for wanting a wife is to make life easier on herself and do the things she wants to do. This shows how much effort a housewife puts into their household and children. The Purpose of this short story goes more in depth such as a marriage relationships and gender specific, also this art of literature is provocative and makes you cross-examine your thoughts on wives.
Judy writes in her essay regarding the requirements that are demanded from a wife. She stresses the jobs of a wife are unfair and that there is a clear difference of inequality between a husband and wife. Fatigued by the inconsistency in the household work and the obvious work of a wife that does not get recognized, she communicates her feelings to us the readers. Brady shows her point with examples of household tasks that are mainly accomplished by a wife. Brady lists tasks after tasks which make it seems as being a wife is physically and mentally impossible, Brady then finishes her short story with a cry of desperation , "My God, who wouldn't want a wife?"
Being a housewife has its disadvantages such as working everyday without help nor acknowledgment from anyone. All around the world housewives are folding clothes, arranging closets, cleaning millions of surfaces and cooking every meal for what? For no income nor recognition. As Olsen and Mehta said in their article, “Most western anti-feminists would agree that the unpaid work done by women should get no attention, and that its social and economic valuation is unreasonably low”(Does Housewives work count?). Of course Indian men in the article would think of women in a lesser manner when they deserve more than what they are recognized for. Women and their household duties are worth so much more than what they are acknowledged for, not only in India are housewives not recognized but all over the world.
Making a marriage work is hard for any relationship wanting to start a family and raise children, all questions come to mind such as; when is the best time for children? Are we ready for a child? Can we take of him or her? Where would we live? How are we going to support them trough school? Notice in all questions there is a “we” because in a marriage it is not just one person job, it takes two. Many men take on the responsibility of head of household, the person who...

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