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Commentary On The Film: The Godfather

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In 1972, Frank Ford Coppola directed the film, “The Godfather.” It starred Marlon
Brando as Don Vito Corleone, a powerful man in the New York City area. He is powerful
because he is the head of his mafia “family”. Don Corleone’s son Michael is played by Al Pacino and at first he is an innocent young man that wants to be nothing like his father. After his father’s death, he changes his mind and takes control of the family and he transitions from a lighthearted college educated student into the man he did not want to become. Ultimately, the new mafia leader is consumed by all the power that comes with his new position.
In the very last scene of the film, Michael is in his father’s office ...view middle of the document...

It helps give a dark and mysterious ambiance to the scene. The wife is so far innocent so far and is shining with normal in contrast and to the low key lighting that makes Michael and his new business associates look like men that want trouble.
The wife, Kay Adams, stands outside the office looking towards her husband. She is far away from him and this distance shows she is already being pushed away. The proxemic position could be considered social but Michael is occupied, so it would be a public distance. The distance between him and the advisors is much closer. This close proximity is important because he is in his office and surrounded by advisors. His space is being occupied by darker figures just like his new motives in life by taking over his father’s work.
This scene reinforces the idea of separation and isolation more than once, either by Michael being pulled into the dark or Kay being taken away from Michael. The frame of the doorway for the office is tight and rectangular and he is small and surrounded. The surrounding men around Michael are creating high density. His new life is now being isolated from his wife and she has no idea of what is to come. She is in an open area looking into the room and is not yet trapped in the world of the Mafia. The density around her is nothing and maybe shows her isolation, while Michael is being trapped by those men. It is like he has to be the new Godfather and little details show this entrapment. The windows have bars on the outside of them. Bars usually mean you do not want something getting in or getting out. Symbols and shapes also have meaning in this scene. The office is full of rectangles and squares, further showing that Michael is stuck in the his new life. the straightness of the lines come...

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