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Commentary On The Poem Night Of The Scorpion

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Commentary on the poem Night of the Scorpion


The poem “Night of the Scorpion”, written by Nissin Ezekiel has an
interesting contrast of good and bad hidden within it (an essence of

The poet has made the mother’s experience of getting bitten by a
scorpion sound very painful and endless. The poet has conveyed this by
using some descriptive language. E.g. “May the poison purify your
flesh of desire, and your spirit of ambition”. This poem which was
written by the first person, has other techniques such as;
alliteration – “I watched the flame feeding on my mother”; tone of
voice (short sentences giving a tense atmosphere) – “My father,
sceptic, rationalist, trying every excuse and blessing”.

In addition, the narrator gives the impression that everyone was
concerned about his mother getting bitten. “More candles, more
lanterns, more neighbours… They sat around the floor with my mother in
the centre”. From this passage, it seems that everyone trying to
support her and getting rid of the pain that the horrible sting had

Although, it also appears that when you come to unfold the poem that
the scorpion is actually something that represents both
equality/fairness and evil. It is the substance which could determine
the way a person will life their lives (if they survive form the
sting). It will either make people realize that they should stop doing
bad things or to make them be thankful of what they have.

The last line,...

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