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Commentary On Theatrical Production Of Romeo And Juliet

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For my LIP assignment I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Sacramento Theatre Company at the 6.30pm show on Wednesday night with a friend. The venue is in Downtown Sac and has a nice little array of shops around it. There’s a parking lot right by it and there was plenty of street parking also available so it was all very convenient. It has three ‘Stages’ and since Romeo and Juliet was the main production of the season, it was located on the MainStage Theatre. The ticket cost around $20 all in all with the student discount which I thought reasonable enough, I’d planned on going since a week before so I’d bought the ticket online and there was a reserve and convenience fee but it was ...view middle of the document...

I did come out thinking that the transfer to prohibition NJ did manage to work. In my opinion the main idea of Romeo and Juliet was always that people value and fight over shallow and meaningless concerns such as fame, wealth or status, when the serious issues in life such as love, life and happiness, pass you by before you get to fully experience them. Its play which I though was pretty fitting for what this leisure class is about. The NJ gangster twist only added towards the meaning of the play and made it into something we’re familiar with and can relate to. Even though I could write out another three pages about the play, this is as concise as I could get it and still get my main ideas on it through.
The cast was mainly in their mid-20’s and looked like they knew what they were doing. The NJ spin on the play affected their delivery of the dialogue the most, and there performances were really strong. I was continually getting Goose bumps and putting what you’re feeling in that split second into words is probably beyond me. The rash decisions felt somehow familiar and even though I’ve never gone off and married someone I’m sure almost everyone has rushed into a relationship without concern or thought when they were young and you do reckless things. The actual acting was very eye opening, the ease with which they were on the stage performing in front of at least a hundred people without missing a beat throughout a 2 hour play. It was a very refreshing and you can feel the energy radiating off the main stage. I’m fairly certain my reactions and the feelings the acting evoked would be more muted were I just watching the movie on YouTube while sitting on my couch. The whole experience, the lighting, the actual people acting in front me and not just a screen, was completely new to me. I’ve gone to comedy shows and concerts but this was something different. Something familiar but still a genre which I’ve never been introduced to. I found myself being immersed into it at a much quicker rate than I do with movies and TV shows.
Other than being interested in the premise of the theme I also wanted to go to a play. I’m an English major and I love reading classic literature but I’ve never actually been to live play and seen it through the eyes of the audience in a theatre. This seemed like a good enough time and place to do so as any so I decided to go along with it. I’m taking the Theatre class this semester to open and look into options for my double major so this was more than an interesting activity, time and time again I found myself thinking would I like to be involved in things like these? Could I myself perform in front of so many people, do what these people not even a decade older than me were doing so brilliantly? It was eye opening not only as a leisure activity but also made me look into my abilities and even my fears to an extent. Coming in, I wasn’t anxious about it all, if anything I was an excited nervous, mainly thinking about how it’d...

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