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Commentary On "Why We Can’t Wait," A Book Written By Martin Luther King Jr

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Kionté Brown
American National Politics
Dr. Lee
February 25, 2014
Why We Can’t Wait Reflection Paper
Martin Luther King Jr. has been awarded man of the year, he has earned his own national holiday, and at one point to many was seen as an criminal. “Why we can’t wait” is book written by Martin Luther king Jr. It highlights a lot if his actions throughout his life and the reasoning behind those actions. This book answered many questions but three of the very important questions are, what key events formed this proclamation? which was the Letters From Birmingham jail and the March on Washington. Another question was what methods did the civil rights movement employ? The initial method was not physical but philosophical, Dr. King defined what an movement is and differentiated a movement from an revolt. And How did Dr. King justify his civil disobedience as a christian? Which he justified with logic, reason, and history. Opposed to justifying his actions with emotion, violence, and spite. In the past King’s methods were seen as controversial but over time Dr. King is no longer seen as a criminal, but he is believed to be one of the most influential leaders of all time, which is the way it should be.
In the book there were many events talked about that could be linked with the proclamation. But two of which that stood out is when Martin Luther King Jr. accepted his arrest and wrote the Letters From Birmingham Jail. Early on in the book it talked about MLK’s actions before being arrested where he had a meeting with 24 other close friends and allies, at this meeting they discussed whether or not King should go to jail or stay out and continue trying to help from the outside. At the end of the meeting King says, “I don't know what will happen I don't know where the money will come from. But I have to make a faith act.” (King 81) The story behind this is that King was given two choices, one was stay out of jail and not practice what he preached a short time ago. Also be able to pay for the remainder of Kings followers bail. The other choice, the one that he decided to do was go to jail and live by his word and just have faith that everything would work out in the long run. The other key event that seemed to have an effect on the proclamation was the March On Washington. At the end of the March MLK said to himself, “It was a pride in progress and a conviction that we were going to win.” (119) King was referring to how all of his followers remained composed throughout the march and all the publicity was finally getting their point across and showing signs of progress. These were two of the more important events that lead to the proclamation. Along with the proclamation DR. King also was heavily involved in the civil rights movement and the methods behind it.
Elaborate on the answer for the question: The civil rights movement was meant to be an movement against unjust laws. At first King spent some time preparing for it by examining what exactly an...

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