Commentary: Racism Speaks In An Equal Society Logic Of Some Sentences Isn't There Repetitive Thoughts

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With the knowledge one possesses today about racist issues, there should be of no cause for concern. In 1862 Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. That was 140 years ago, how long does it take for today's society to get their acts together? With the presence of so called "minorities" and an overpowering white population a lot of people still label themselves. Well, as an American, I am...American, and so is everyone else living in "The land of the free and the home of the brave." The problem that arises with racism starts with the impression of sticking with your own kind whether it be white, black, red, or orange. What is that, a color? Color is nothing but what it is, a color.The word diversity is highly emphasized in the college and business world but why should it be? Diversity means separation, assortment, mixture; why not just be one great American society? With terms such as diversity and minority, racism comes out of the wood work. Is it really good to be diverse? If it is it can make or break one's opinion on attending a school or applying to a company.Those who choose to label themselves "minorities" bring topics of discrimination against them. I believe that racism lies in those who desire to be called a minority. With saying they are an alternative or a minor part of society they are distancing themselves from everybody. For example, a minority will say to themself "Well, there's less of me in the U.S. then there is of whites, so I should just except the fact that I am a minority, and continue to marker myself.....a minority." Give me a break, I choose not to...

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