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'As well as engaging student interest and delivering authentic learning experiences, Commerce teachers must also look to the economy and society of the future when developing curriculum'.The Commerce subject falls under the Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE) learning area of the Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF). "SOSE is a study of human progress and how people have organized themselves into societies over time, and how they have interacted with their physical environments" (CSF). In years 7 to 10 the CSF outline for SOSE comprises the strands of History, Geography and also Economy and Society, which is what the schools Commerce subject is based on."The Economy and Society strand introduces students to the structure and management of the economy and its resources, the world of work and business, and Australia's political and legal systems. It promotes the development of enterprise skills and attributes, and draws on past and contemporary issues and a range of perspectives, particularly those related to the future and technology" (CSF).I believe that Commerce helps form the foundations young people need to make sound decisions on financial, business, legal and employment issues because it provides practical knowledge, skills, understanding and values.Having knowledge about these concepts and how to apply them is beneficial for young adults to learn early. "With changing times, the need to give young people a grip on money management has increased... More than a third of school students' work, and two-thirds of 15 to 19-year-olds earn up to $200 a week. Not all know how to handle that income" (Russell, 2004; Age). Commerce provides students with "an understanding of the relationships between consumers, businesses and governments in the overall economy" (Board of Studies, NSW, 2003). These are issues that they may not necessarily think about, even though they already earning and spending money.Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) conducted research last year to find out how consumer education is taught in Australia and overseas in order to help design a program to improve financial literacy among teenagers. "Young Australians represent a $4 billion a year commercial market. With more spending power then previous generations, young children and adolescents are increasingly the target group for different forms of marketing practices and commercial pressures" (CAV, 2004). It is important that young adults are aware of their rights and responsibilities as consumers because they are already purchasing products such as mobile phones and cars that often include complex contracts. A key finding from the research was that many students do not receive consumer education at school.I feel that Commerce education is generally delivering the right kind of educational experiences for the current generation. I do although agree that young adults would most definitely benefit if the curriculum added a more in-depth unit on financial literacy and...

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