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Industrial Changes Essay

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Industrialism Changed Ways...When Industrialism was introduced to the United States it was a big thing for everyone, from the rich to the immigrants, but also had its down falls. During this time there was a lot new of technology was introduced to them. A few examples are the telephone and electrical power. At the same time there were new jobs opening up to everyone and not just men. All people (men, women, African Americans, and immigrants) were seeing the United States as a place they didn't see it before. There were new groups coming about to help out people who needed help with their problems.When Industrialism began to rise, the South did the most changing. The New South began new cotton mills to produce cotton for the whole county and not just themselves or ones around them like they did before. In the 1880s, the Textile production was at five percent, and by the 1900s, the Textile production when to twenty-three percent. The railroads produced dependable outside capital for the states. In 1880, railroad construction in the South outpaced the national average. In 1886, the South railroad companies changed their width of the tracks from five feet to four feet eight and half inches, because they wanted the railroad to be used as part of the national network. Former slaves helped produced pig iron in these years. In 1880, they produced nine percent of total pig iron produced in the United States, but by 1890, the total of pig iron produced by former slaves had double in amount.Some of the results of the Industrialization for American included new jobs for everyone, more capital income, better communication device and new technology. With more factories coming to the United States there were more jobs available to people. With all the factories bringing jobs to the people, a women's role changed from a housewife to working in factories. Children were also working in the factories to help their families survive. Immigrants also worked in the factories doing the more dangerous jobs. Another result of the Industrialization was that the northern city Birmingham of Alabama was now known as the "Pittsburgh of the South," because of the coal, limestone and ore that was mined there. One of the other results was that the average capital income in the South remained only two-fifths of the average income that the rest of the country had, well into the 20th century. Another result was with the railroads available the telegraph lines were able to criss-cross the country to get better communication to people. The last result of the new technology was electrical lighting and the automobile. With electrical lighting available people were able to go to the movies and to amusement parks, along with being able to see at night on the streets and see in department stores windows at night also. Henry Ford invented the first automobile that was powered by gasoline in 1909, and with this discovery Ford was able to have more jobs available to more people.Some of the...

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