Commercialization Of Gametes. This Paper Describes The Debate About Women Selling Their Eggs (Gametes) For Money. It Includes Many Points About Why One Would Be Against Such A Practice

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"Commercialization of Gametes""Brainy Beauties Finance College by Selling Their Eggs" is the headline of one Internet source taken from a bulletin board at a prestigious college. College students are being offered thousands of dollars to donate eggs to infertile couples due to their brains and beauty. Some women are making this procedure, which can be extremely painful, a habit in order to finance their college education. Some people, especially athletes, brilliant scientists, models, singers, and actors/actresses, are being paid in sums of $150,000 or more for donating sperm or eggs to couples who cannot conceive on their own!This is wrong for a number of reasons. It excludes the poorer people who cannot conceive from being able to receive eggs or sperm because of the high cost. A ...view middle of the document...

) It is no longer about donating to help people, but a (painful) way to earn extra cash.It is illegal in this country to sell human organs for any reason. Kidneys and other human organs are not legally sold due to fear that people will undergo these risky and painful procedures simply to gain extra money or pay debts that they have incurred. Why are eggs and sperm any different? They shouldn't be. If a transplant is needed, the doctors try to find a match willing to donate. Sperm and eggs should be handled in the same manner. If a couple needs either for reasons of infertility, then a donor should be found, but it is politically incorrect and morally corrupt to pay thousands of dollars for eggs or sperm.Also, if people continue to donate eggs and sperm to couples trying to conceive, and the number of donor babies grows large enough, we will have problems in the future with inbreeding. People will be having children together not even realizing that they are brother and sister or cousins due to the fact that they do not know who the egg or sperm donor was who contributed in bringing them to life. They will never know that they are family until they have blood tests done, and by that time, there could already be mentally retarded or deformed babies produced due to inbreeding. And by that time, there would not be anything that we could do to stop what we started.Although some people feel that selling gametes is a good thing because they are helping people find happiness, I disagree. There are simply too many side effects and too many risks involved in the selling of eggs and sperm. Therefore, I feel that the government should make it illegal unless special cases arise, in which case, they can find a donor in the same way in which they find a kidney donor or a bone marrow donor for sick patients that are dying in hospitals across the country.

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