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Commissioners, City Council Members And The Value Of Forensic Evidence

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In a county, a commissioner is a form of government, elected commissioners arrange both the executive and the legislative commission, and they represent local statute and then they control them. They also handle budgets; they overlook spending and select county staff member. The commissioner customarily consists of three to five officials. In some states, they are known as superintendents. The commissioners are authoritative over the voters, even though their duties are determined and inhibited by the state statutes and the state constitution. Their proposition can be inverted by state courts. In most administrations, the one in charge such as clerk, coroner sheriff, and treasurer, is voted in by preference rather than chosen by the commissioners (Kelly, John, 2013).
A commissioner in today’s society, superintend the; economic development, planning, environmental quality, social welfare programs, and consumer protection. Other duties that the commissioner may also oversee are; assemble property and sales taxes, guarantee water quality, gather and regulate trash, issuance of bonds, oversee courts and jails, handling the pensions for county employees, and operating county parks (Kelly, John, 2013).
City council is a customary model of the local government in the United States. A city council is voted in as a legislative body with the authorization to permit municipal regulations and finances, to make budgeting, and also situate local tax percentage in most predicaments. City council members are appointed by districts in cities that are big, but cities that are smaller have an extensive system or a compound district and tend to have larger seats. Information obtained in getting a job for city council members differ considerably from city to city, but they essentially all claim similarities (Browne, Clayton, 2013).
The most extensive city council duties are to decide and appoint the top executive for the city, such as the chief of police or city manager. Smaller cities will have a city council staff of at least one or two individuals to help the city council members in determining and combining candidates, construct meetings and drawing up bills and management. City councils in larger cities might have a staff of dozens, another job that a city council person does is pass ordinances such as; noise control regulations, anti-pollution measures, traffic ordinances, and ordinances pertaining to land expansions, these are all passed by city councils, another job that the city council does is develop budgets, especially the city budget (Browne, Clayton, 2013).
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