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Common App #3: Reflect On A Time When You Challenged A Belief Or Idea. What Prompted You To Act? Would You Make The Same Decision Again?

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Ostensibly fearless, yet burdened by inordinate cowardice, we strutted along the corridors of the eleventh grade classrooms. Upon navigating the final junction, heading towards the dining room where the entire student body amassed for their lunch hour meals, we had a sudden encounter with our headmaster. Our already faint hearts, had sunken even deeper into our chests. However, like humble militants, we continued our pursuit like any other group of our all female student population.
Retrospectively, that said person had recently prohibited us from associating with each other, due to concerns regarding our ‘anti-social’ behaviors; not only I, but the entire group of five, was rumored to be gay.
This seemingly simple situation, illustrates one of the countless times I have found myself belonging to a smaller faction of the populace. I am Lodiana Jhonae Wright, and I am a Jamaican science student and biomedical engineer of the near future, who ‘suffers’ from homosexuality.
Jamaica is infamously known as ‘The Most Homophobic Place on Earth’, although, I believe ‘anti-gay’ is a more sufficient description. I, though, refused to abdicate my happiness for the satisfaction of a selfish and censorious set. While I sought to understand the majority’s perspective since I inhabit a ‘Christian’ country, I could not have overlooked the fact that my country had also possessed the highest murder rate in the world.
On a daily basis, a homosexual’s day in the island may easily be filled with a diatribe of calumnious language and threats, should they dare to make one incorrect move. Evidence is readily at hand via many well publicized incidents regarding the hostility towards alleged homosexuals in the island. Though the documentations have most often involved males, the malevolence towards females is very well existent. Many times, I have been...

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