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Reading through piles of books, was a child on the verge of performing exaptionaly well on her final exam. It had been months since she discriminated herself from her friends and her childhood enjoyments. Ever since school started she was docile and paid numerous attention to the lessons that were instructed. And it all came down to this, the annual final exam. She walked inside the classroom, with an overwhelming combination of nervousness and excitement.
Then I walked in, with all the carelessness that a child who spent all her time satisfying her desire to play could posses. My plan solely consisted of sitting besides and copy off of that girl, Tigist's, paper. When the exam began, she commenced to comprihand, elaborate and come up with conclusions to be put down as final responses. I, on the other hand, copied, without the slightest clue of what the words and varibles symbolized. By the end of the exam I had received two warnings and one slight spank on the head. Despite all these and my fear of having my paper confiscated, the exam ended with me coping everything, exept my name, off of her paper. I left the class room with a great satisfaction because I knew that I did exceptionally well, or at least she did.
After two weeks, the best scores for all the subjects in seventh grade were announced in class. Here came my opportunity to prove to everyone and myself that a person can be negligent, barely make any effort and still succeed. Then, our teacher said "Best score for Science, Tigist and Saron." I was exited, until I got up to the teacher, at that moment I felt the exact opposite of what I thought I would feel. I felt, more of less like a fish out of water, absolutely out of place. I felt like nothing of that moment was truly mine and that I didn't deserve to be there. Tigist and I stood next to each other as the rest of our peers clamped for us. I turned to observe the effect all these had on her. As I took a glance of her face, I saw pride in her eyes and contentment in her expression. I tried to mimic her and show that facade but I couldn't. Although my peers knew and approved of my doing, I was...

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Common App Essay

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713 words - 3 pages I’ve been through and who I am the most. My first and most beloved paper being my common college app essay. This paper showed the obstacles and circumstances of me coming to this country. I tried to paint the picture of my life as an undocumented student but at the same time I didn’t wanted to reveal too much personal information. I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to write my paper on how I came to the country. I spent my time in

Sources: Krumboltz, Mike. »Study: 38 percent of kids under 2 use smartphones or tablets.« Yahoo News, 28. Oct. 2013. Web. 1 Apr. 2014 Lawless, Edw

701 words - 3 pages connected within the same “cloud." The smartphone and its bigger brother, the tablet, will eventually twist our understanding of traditional “chalk & board” education. A recent report by Common Sense Media indicates that 38% of children under the age of 2 have been exposed to tablet or smartphone technology at one point or another. The number doubled in the last two years, spawning a whole new branch of mobile technology software development. App

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Common App Essay

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Common App Essay

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